For Goodness Sake, Just Try Out These 10 Saké Hotspots In KL!

The best list of restaurants and bars that serve sake and amazing Japanese food in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

This California-Inspired Japanese Restaurant In KL Serves Fresh, Authentic Seafood

Eatomo Food Co, KL, serves authentic and fresh seafood and most of their seafood is flown in straight from Tsujiki Market in Japan.

[New Eats] Savour Contemporary Japanese Tapas & Classic Donburis At TTDI’s Kouzu

TTDI's Kouzu Restaurant serves contemporary Japanese tapas, classic donburis and Japanese sakes and wines.

【Two Chefs Lab】日式和西式结合的餐厅,让你享受寿司配咖啡的独特滋味!

寿司和绿茶,我们听多了!寿司和咖啡又是怎样一回事?在Two Chefs Lab,你就能找到日西式的终极结合啦!

Avant Garde Desserts Are Served At A Minimalistic New Eatery In Damansara Uptown

Shugatori Dessert Café in Damansara Uptown serves delicious avant garde desserts in their minimalistic eatery.

This Tokyo Favourite Has Finally Arrived In KL—And It Tastes Better Than It Looks

Monjayaki Restaurant is the first eatery in Malaysia which sells the Japanese delicacy known as monjayaki.

New Eats: KAKIGŌRI, Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert In Taman Paramount

KAKIGŌRI is a new Japanese shaved ice dessert café located in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.

This KL Restaurant Creates A Visually Stunning Tobiko-Topped Fried Rice Dish!

Kazoku-Ai Kitchen's unique flying fish roe fried rice is a definite must-try!

6 Eateries That Make Damansara Kim The Next Foodie Paradise You Should Visit

Damansara Kim may be a small and quiet neighbourhood but their food scene there sure is buzzing! And here are 6 eateries every foodie should check out.

Save The Date: The Bon Odori Festival Is Back!

Bon dance, Japanese festival food, yukatas, traditional taiko drums and festival fun...It's that time of the year again!!