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Passionately Crafted Nasi Lemak, Signature Sauces & Sambals At NALE @ i-City (Oct 2020)

We review the nasi lemak, ayam bakar, ayam berempah, rendang, Milo dinosaur and more from NALE The Nasi Lemak Co., located in Sunway & i-City Shah Alam.

Biscoff Desserts From Gula Cakery (September 2020)

An honest review of Gula Cakery's biscoff desserts, including their tiramisu, tart, crepe cake, doughnut, and Momofuku cake, located in Kota Kemuning.

Here’s What You Can Expect From i-City’s Luxurious Boutique Cinema

TGV i-City Shah Alam's boutique cinema experience for premium movie-goers, including the Family Hall and Samsung ONYX (one of the largest in the world).

This Shah Alam Restaurant Serves Nasi Kukus Tonggek In Stainless Steel Cans

Seri Keningau Shah Alam is a Shah Alam restaurant serving the viral nasi kukus tonggek dishes in stainless steel cans.

How This Epic Wire Loop Game Will Put You In The Running For RM10K

AEON Mall Shah Alam is hosting the AEON Wallet Cash Up Challenge from 5th December 2018-1st January 2019.

These Bowls Of Food Are ONLY RM1.90 Each—So Your Wallet Won’t Have To Cry :P

Eat And Repeat Café is a restaurant which serves up RM1.90 bowls of dishes.

Forget Popular Seoul Container Café Common Ground—KL “Also Have”

Ardence Labs is a container café located in Eco Ardence Shah Alam.

Burgers Get A HUGE Upgrade With This Shah Alam Stall’s 3KG Jumbo Creations

Gerai Yazid in Shah Alam creates jumbo-sized burgers which are 3kg in weight and these jumbo burgers will definitely give Ramly burgers a run for its money.

10 Shah Alam Cafés And The Signature Dishes You Should Order Here

Here are a list of popular cafés and restaurants in Shah Alam that every Malaysian should visit, as well as what they should order to eat when here.

Get Your Hands On Some Pretty Ombré Drinks At This Cat-Themed Café In Shah Alam

Nala's Dessert House, Glenmarie Shah Alam sells ombre drinks called "Dreamy" as well as a variety of mouthwatering fusion desserts and drinks.


大马国民美食『椰浆饭』(nasi lemak)在马来西亚随处可见,从路边摊到高级餐厅都可以吃得到。许多餐厅也在这传统的美食上发挥了创意,今天小编就要为大家介绍Brotherhood & CO. 的彩色椰浆饭!

来彭亨的Bentong 应该吃什么?就是这9道不可错过的美食啦!

身为专业吃货的你,别再只会吃高级餐厅或咖啡馆的美食啦!小编今天想介绍大家一些看起来普通却一样藏着惊人美味的食物,就位于文冬 (Bentong) 这个小城市。

Heads Up: PJ & Shah Alam Residents To Face Water Disruption Due To A Pipe Burst

Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam/Klang residents will face a water disruption and this water cut is due to a pipe burst behind the Shah Alam Carlsberg factory.

70s Rock Band, Journey Will Be Playing A Concert At Stadium Melawati This February

70s rock band, Journey, known for their hit single, Don't Stop Believing, will be playing a concert in Malaysia's Stadium Melawati on February 11th, 2017.

Nasi Lemak Gets A Rainbow Upgrade With This Shah Alam Restaurant’s Colourful Rice

Brotherhood & Co, Shah Alam serves a unique combo of nasi lemak such as colourful coconut rice with deep fried squid and quails.

Shah Alam出现每天都大排长龙的Nutella可丽饼摊,吃了都表示“太好吃啦”!

现在Shah Alam有一家专卖Nutella可丽饼的摊位!这个摊位叫作Crush.Time,别看这个它小小的,每天可是有大排长龙的顾客等着吃他们的可丽饼哦!

You Might Just Fall Into A Chocolate-Induced Coma At This M’sian Nutella Wrap Store

Crush.Time in Shah Alam serves chocolatey Nutella wraps that are sinful and delicious at the same time.