Ice cream

Ice cream

If you’re roadtrippin’ around M’sia in 2023, try these 23 Muslim-friendly & aesthetic cafés

Here's a list of interesting and aesthetic Muslim-friendly cafés to try while you explore and cuti-cuti Malaysia in 2023.

If you love Minions & desserts, you’d go bananas for Crème De La Crème’s limited-time series

We review Creme De La Creme's Minions limited-time ice cream and petit gâteau, here's how they tasted plus our opinions on them.

Lalapop lets the party be-Gin with their alcoholic ice creams at Lalaport

We reviewed Lalapop by Frozen @ Lalaport KL, an alcohol-infused ice cream parlour on various flavours from its menu. Here's our opinion.

Ice Cream Mooncakes From Crème De La Crème (August 2020)

We review cute ice cream mooncakes from Crème De La Crème, which come in flavours like Earl Grey, roasted almond, genmai, and oolong tea.

Inside Scoop’s Launched An Ice Cream Cafe For Those Who Prefer It “Kurang Manis”

Sweet Escape By Inside Scoop in TTDI offers ice creams and sorbets that are healthy, vegan-friendly and diabetic-friendly with less sugar.

Melted In The Heat Queuing For This Thai Ice Cream At Artbox? Now You Don’t Have To.

IceDEA will be selling durians, mangosteens and mango sticky rice ice creams at Shoppe by Four Seasons, Kuala Lumpur from April 20th to May 12th, 2019!

If The Beast Gave Belle This Ice Cream Rose, She Probs Wouldn’t Have Left

DiscoverKL reviews the best ice cream cake desserts and articifial colouring-free ice creams at Crème De La Crème in Damansara Uptown.

The Puntry Review: Expect Punny Ice Creams & Wagyu Beef With Beer-Spiked Rice!

DiscoverKL reviews The Puntry By Puns Ice Cream @ Jalan Robson KL's bestselling dishes, including their chicken waffles and chicken sandwiches.

9 Places In Klang Valley Where You Can Indulge In Yummy, Guilt-Free Gelato

Not to be confused with ice cream, get your dessert fix at these 9 places in Klang Valley that offer genuine gelato!

These Ginormous Ice Cream Waffles Are Extra AF—And They’re Sold For Only RM7.90

Fullscoopy Egg Waffle Ice Cream in Kota Bharu, Kelantan sells the famous Hong Kong dessert of an egg waffle sandwiched with ice cream.


Aboong 是一家来自韩国的连锁甜点店,主打超萌的鲷鱼烧雪糕!许多到韩国的游客都会去尝尝这有名的甜点。各位吃货们,好消息来了!现在不需要到韩国,在大马也可以吃到Aboong咯!

Devour HUGE Cookies The Size Of Your Palm At This Dessert Café In Damansara Jaya

Creamery Boutique Ice Creams KL is a dessert café located at Atria Shopping Mall and they serve warm cookies with a large serving of ice cream.



We Can Now Get Customisable Ice Creams At The Softsrve Mini Concept Store In Pavilion

Softsrve's mini concept store in Pavilion, KL, lets Malaysians customise their very own soft serve flavours.

[DKL Gets Personal] Jess Au, Founder Of Hail’s Soft Serve In Damansara Utama

Discover KL catches up with Jess Au, the co-founders of Hail's Soft Serve in Damansara Utama.

【Inside Scoop冰淇淋大赛!】12球冰淇淋用最短的时间吃完,一年的免费冰淇淋就是你的!

为了庆祝Inside Scoop的3周年庆,Inside Scoop举行了一场冰淇淋大赛。只要能在最短的时间内,将12球冰淇淋吃光,你就是赢家了!

【超疗愈的小茶馆】到Someplace Beautiful?来段悠闲宁静的下午时光吧!

在Someplace Beautiful,除了茶之外,他们家的softserve冰淇淋更是必吃的甜点!周末,就约上几个朋友到这里吧!

6 Eateries That Make Damansara Kim The Next Foodie Paradise You Should Visit

Damansara Kim may be a small and quiet neighbourhood but their food scene there sure is buzzing! And here are 6 eateries every foodie should check out.