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Spill The Dish: What Makes Chatto’s Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong Tea So Addictive?

Malaysian bubble tea brand, Chatto shares what makes the Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong Tea Bubble Milk Tea so addictive and delicious.

We’ve Found The Dreamiest Glazed Dessert In Town At This Cheras Café!

Three Journey Café in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, recently introduced their beautiful desserts, including their Unique Glaze dessert.

This Hidden Apartment Café Located In Cheras Has Major Homely Vibes

Ebony And Ivory Coffee Café in Cheras is a cafe and coffeehouse located in Cheras, KL Kuala Lumpur.

This Cheras Laundromat Doubles As A Hokkaido Cream Puff Dessert Stall Too

Laundry Café Sunway Velocity Mall is a laundromat offering laundry cleaning services and they sell Hokkaido cream puff desserts as well.

Durian Enthusiasts Would Go Cray For This Durian Specialty Store In Cheras

MK Durian Boys is a durian specialty shop lot that sells premium quality durian like Musang King and D24.

Chocoholics, Come Over To The Dark Side At This Chocolate Gallery In Cheras

The Dark Gallery is a chocolate boutique café in MyTOWN Shopping Gallery, Cheras.

This Cheras Café & Ukulele Studio Is Based In A Heritage-Filled Family Home

Ah Gong House in Cheras was once an ex-kindergarten teacher's family home which is transformed into a KL café and ukulele studio.

This Cheras Café’s Barista Deserves A Pay Raise For These Intricate Latte Art Creations

Bookmark Coffee is a café in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that creates amazing and beautiful latte art creations that are intricate.


如果你想找家好吃又可以培养艺术兴趣的咖啡馆,这家Eatssswork Art Studio Cafe很适合你哦!快约朋友来参加各种艺术课程吧!

【Bullseye Cafe & Bistro】周末聚会最佳地点!有西餐,飞镖和Pool让你又吃又玩!

大家准备好放工后要去哪里消遣了吗?不如跟着小编来这家位于Cheras的【Bullseye Cafe & Bistro】吧!

【源味本铺】传统古早味海绵蛋糕 正式在Sunway Velocity 开张




Spice Up Your CNY Gifts To Relatives With These Dragonfruit And Crabmeat Bak Kwas

Malaysians can buy some unique bak kwa flavours like dragonfruit bak kwa and crabmeat bak kwa at Chef Hwa Foods Trading in Cheras.

[DKL REVIEWS] We Sip On Affordable Mocktails Served By This M’sian-Born Franchise

Mocktail Bar serves mocktails across 8 categories such as frappe, fizzy, blended, chocolate, juice-based, tea inspired, lifestyle coffee and freshly brewed.

This 25-Year-Old Tuition Teacher In Cheras Remixes Sejarah Lessons With Pop Songs

Vulcan Chong, a tuition teacher in Cheras teaches the subject of Sejarah through remixing it with pop songs and music.


最近,Taman Connaught新开了一家非常特别的咖啡厅。这家咖啡厅里不但有咖啡和餐点,还非常贴心地提供了影印服务,让学生可以来得及交作业,又不会错过午休时间,简直是一石二鸟!

Cheras Welcomes A Brand New Shopping Destination With Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity Mall opens its doors in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

必打卡的3层楼咖啡厅Grey N Blue Café!超过100种食物,想吃什么这里都有!

Grey N Blue Café不但比一般的咖啡厅大上三倍,连他们食物和饮料上的选择也比别人多很多哦!在这里你可以找到超过100样食物,不管是西餐、中餐还是素食都有!