RM6 Is All You Need To Watch A Movie At GSC Cinemas—All Thanks To Their Merdeka Deal

When’s the last time you watched a movie at the cinema and paid less than you would for a bubble milk tea at Tealive? Perhaps it was back when you still had your student card. :p

If you’re feeling a little broke and would like to save up a little more this month, you’d be happy to know that GSC Cinemas is having their special Merdeka deals for the month of July and August. And yes, each movie ticket is only RM6.

GSC’s RM6 deal is applicable via online Visa checkout only and it’s available on Thursdays through Saturdays. Enjoy the exclusive Merdeka deal from July 6th till August 31st.

What movie will you be watching with the RM6 movie deal? Let us know in the Facebook comment section!

Feature Image Credit: gsc.com.my

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