Sometimes, making your home look better doesn’t require major changes. The small things matter too, and it doesn’t take breaking the bank to do that.

As we trekked through IOI City Mall one day, we decided to check out home and lifestyle store obJet to see what affordable and valuable items we could find.

We didn’t have very high expectations, but we came away surprised. Here are some of our favourite finds throughout the entire store.

1. Glass airtight containers: RM15 – RM25

From cylindrical shapes to cuboids, some come taller and others, flatter. All have a nice and shiny glass body with shellacked wooden lids that are airtight, giving them a classier look.

These Scandinavian-inspired containers would be ideal for storing products in the fridge, or on display for snacks and dry foods.

2. Plastic airtight containers: RM7

These ones are for those who may be slightly clumsier and daren’t use glass for frequently-handled objects. 

Though they don’t look as sleek as the glass ones, they have a nice flip-ring system on the top for putting on and taking off the airtight lid.

3. Textured glass jar: RM13

With a variety of beautiful textures on the outside, these glass jars also come with airtight, shellacked wooden lids.

We can totally see these being filled with cookies, dried snacks, colourful preserved fruits, and more, serving as functional decor.

4. Compact wooden serving tray: RM13

Another great item for hosting guests or for your own afternoon tea time, this compact wooden tray can comfortably fit up to a tea set (pot and cups), or maybe one small dish of snacks and a drink.

Its raised sides ensure that whatever’s on top doesn’t easily slip off, and make it easier to grip the tray too.

5. Mini charcuterie boards: RM39

These mini charcuterie boards are teetering on the maximum price limit for this article, but they’re so worth it for cheese lovers.

Each one is quite sturdy and comes in rectangular and oval shapes, complete with various tools to display and serve your cheeses. Though simple, these should elevate even the most humble cheese-snacking sessions.

6. Mini glass cups set: RM12

Coming in a set of six, these completely clear glasses with no prints or designs on them are a minimalistic and elegant way to serve drinks such as juices, coffees, and teas.

7. Glass bottle with cork top: RM15

To pair with the sleek glass cups set above, you can get this glass bottle with a thick cork top. We bet guests will definitely ask where you got it from as you pour their drinks out stylishly.

8. Fancy glass jugs: RM35

If you want something with more grip, obJet has quite a choice of fancy glass jugs for you, some tinted, some clear.

These come with ice blockers on their lids, so you don’t have to worry about all the ice falling into the first drink you pour out and splashing everywhere (totally not from experience…).

9. Gravity-controlled sauce dispenser: RM25

When you tip this over as though pouring something out of it, its little spout automatically opens up, so you don’t have to fiddle with its opening.

As you set it back down on a flat surface, the spout shuts. Some good uses for this would be for storing sauces and infused cooking oils.

10. Bamboo trays with foldable mesh covers: RM29 / RM39

These bamboo trays are from Bali, and they have foldable mesh covers to keep bugs out of your bread or kuih-muih. They probably will stand out from your contemporary kitchen items, but hey, own that bold choice.

They come in two different sizes.

11. Bowl with handle and lid: RM19

We can already imagine ourselves slurping up some sinfully good instant ramen noodles in this, since it’s got a lid to keep your broth hot for a bit and a handle so you can easily port it around.

It’s quite large, and can be used for a hearty serving of soup or cereal too.

13. Plush door stoppers: RM29

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these were some cute plush toys, but pick them up and you’ll be shocked by how heavy they are.

That’s because they’re actually door stoppers, sturdy and weighty enough to hold your doors open. Not going to lie, we felt as though their potential was wasted as a mere door stopper, but cuddle at your own risk!

If you don’t think you can keep your hands off the adorable ones, then perhaps opt for the more basic designs.

13. Organically-shaped bowl: RM14

Have you ever felt as though the uniform bowls you have at home are a little too boring, too safe? 

With its textured glass surface and irregular edges finished with gold paint, this bowl is a statement piece on its own, and can be used for keeping keys, trinkets, or loose jewellery.


Address: E26, IOI City Mall, IOI Resort, 43000 Kajang, Selangor


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