The Viper Challenge is one which tests you both physically and mentally. Much like how one does not go on a marathon or hike a mountain without preparing extensively beforehand, it is also an essential part of competing for Viper. For those who are not aware, Viper is a 20km team obstacle course which is filled with over 20 man-made obstacles along the way.

It is a muddy, arduous course and as we are less than 2 months away from the next Viper challenge in Sepang for November 2016, Discover KL asked 3 past race finishers their secrets on conquering the challenge and what one should prepare prior to the race.

1. Felix Tay

Image Credit: Felix Tay
Image Credit: Felix Tay

Felix is the man behind the Honey Badgers coaching facility along the highway on 10 Boulevard. He participated in the very first Malaysian Viper Challenge in 2013 with around 25-30 friends. “Running was something I hated, and feared, so I decided to do it as a challenge to myself,” Felix told Discover KL. His preparations started 1 month before the registration for Viper opened. He noted, “All of us met up once a week and ran together. Aside from that, I ran by myself about twice a week.
This was on top of the other training that I was doing at the time.

As a group, they did more than running too. Sometimes, they would run up a hill, and they would also perform a lot of body weight drills such as pull ups, monkey bars and bear crawls. Felix later found out that these workout activities did not really serve much because the first Viper Challenge was more running than anything else.

As for his diet, he said that he did not “have to change” his meal plan prior to the challenge. In fact, he joked that the whole team was on a “see-food diet”. Knowing now what to expect for the race, Felix said that if he had to do something different, he would focus a whole lot more on running and perhaps train for more than 5 months before he joins, even when he loathes running.

2. Nadia Valentina

Image Credit: Nadia Valentina
Image Credit: Nadia Valentina

Nadia serves a Marketing and Communication role at Fitmosphere Asia and she competed during the very first Viper Challenge in 2013, and once again in March 2015. She chose to compete in the race as a way to challenge herself physically as well as to experience firsthand the race which much have raved about. Coincidentally, her friends were also forming a group for Viper and she decided to participate alongside her peers. On top of that, Nadia got into the race as a way to encourage her cousins to join along.

Prior to joining the race, Nadia trained about 4-6 weeks in advance for it. She said, “I had to change my training program for obstacle challenges and I was training about 3 to 4 times a week. I also needed to prepare physically and mentally as it is about 21km long.” On top of that, she had to make sure that her dietary intake was well-balanced enough in order for her to train.

Her tips for the race include persistent training. “Check out the OBSFit workshop at Fitmosphere where you can learn how to train for obstacle runs. Do it at your own pace and don’t rush because you don’t want to get injured. All the best!” Nadia said.

3. Keeran Raaj

Image Credit: Keeran Raaj
Image Credit: Keeran Raaj

Keeran is the Business Development Manager at Tech Terrain College and looking at his physique, one would be able to tell that he is an active guy. This is on top of his adventurous pictures on Facebook, whether it’s of hiking in Lombok or climbing Mount Rinjani, it no doubt takes much training to be able to gain enough stamina to participate in these outdoor activities and it is very telling of the fit lifestyle he leads.

Keeran participated in the 2016 Viper Challenge and according to him, he enjoys Viper challenges because they challenge him mentally and physically in ways that no other races do. “2 months prior to the race, I started my workout routine with increased intensity every 2 weeks. This includes running and weight training,” Keeran told Discover KL. Besides that, he also increased his protein and calorie intake in order to aid with recovery and workouts.

For those who have yet to try the race, Keeran urges them not to be afraid to take that step as more than anything, “it’s a race against yourself and not anyone else. So don’t be afraid to go with friends and try it. It also gives me a good reason to work towards a goal. For those who have done it before, let’s keep training and hope to see you at the next race!” he said.

The Great Eastern Viper Challenge 2016 will be held on November 5 2016 at the Sepang International Circuit and for the first time, there are 2 available slots: 7am-10am OR 6pm-9pm. To sign up for the course, click here

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