Last year, our sister media brand Vulcan Post featured Ili Pot, a halal hotpot and grill delivery service founded by Ili Sulaiman, a Malaysian television presenter and celebrity chef.

From that, Ili Pot provided us with an RM100 voucher which can be used to order any products from Ili Pot’s menu.

This got us thinking, how much food can we get from Ili Pot for only RM100?

Disclaimer: We already have an induction stove and pot so we didn’t need to get any cooking appliances from Ili Pot. They do sell electrical pots (RM65) and electrical grills (RM120) if you don’t have one handy at home. 

Scouring through Ili Pot’s website, we noticed that most of their set meals are priced higher than RM100, except for their Set Kapel Steamboat (RM85), which we were not able to order as we will end up overspending past our budget if we include the delivery charge (RM24).

Having said that, we ordered from their a la carte menu instead, which gave us the flexibility to mix and match different food items together. Here’s what we ordered and the price:

Food ItemsPrice
Creamy Chicken Garlic (1.5 litres)RM16.90
Premium Beef Slice (200g)RM18.00
Crab Sticks (8 pieces)RM9.90
Cheese Fish Tofu (5 pieces)RM5.90
Vegetable & Mushroom PlatterRM9.90
Fucuk (10 pieces)RM7.90
Beef Balls (5 pieces)RM5.90

On top of the food items we ordered, we also paid for delivery (RM24) to have them shipped over to our office in Taipan, USJ.

One thing to note is that Ili Pot does offer on-demand delivery within one hour after order confirmation, which is convenient for those who suddenly crave hotpot but don’t want to drive out. 

They also let you order ahead of time and choose a delivery time (which was what we did).

When we received our hotpot ingredients, each of them was individually packaged, which made them easier to store and also prevented cross-contamination.

Ili Pot also gave us storage instructions to ensure that the ingredients stay fresh until it’s time to eat, which proved helpful as we only ate about three days after we received our Ili Pot delivery.

Where to storeIngredients
Freezer– Seafood
– Mixed Ball
– Smoked Duck
– Meat Slices
Refrigerator– Vegetables
– Soup Pack
– Dipping Sauces
– Marinade Sauces
Room Temperature– Fucuk
– Shabu Mee
– Gila Hot Sauce Bottle
– Margarine

When preparing the hotpot, all we needed to do was pour out the Creamy Chicken Garlic soup pack into the pot and bring it to a boil before adding in the ingredients.

We found that the soup was a little too rich (which isn’t necessarily bad) and opted to water it down with about 200 ml of water to bring the saltiness down a tad bit.

Once the soup started boiling, we added all the ingredients and waited until they were cooked.

Taste-wise, the ingredients, combined with the creamy chicken garlic soup, made for a rather tasty combination.

The portion for each ingredient (especially the premium beef slice) was just right for two to three pax.

But one thing all hotpot veterans will agree on is that hotpot is only complete with an elaborate combination of sauces, which we did not get in favour of more food.

If you opt to collect the Ili Pot hotpot ingredients yourself at their central kitchen in Gombak, the savings from delivery can instead be used to get either the Set Kapel Steamboat mentioned above, or other food items.

But unless we’re nearby, we don’t think it’s worth driving all the way there.

To sum it all up, we liked the convenience of ordering hotpot food and having it delivered to our doorstep within an hour, which is great for last-minute planners.

Sure there are other services Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, and Gogopot (when it was still around), but you don’t get the flexibility of mixing and matching each of the ingredients down to the marinade and sauces. 

Also, the fact that it’s halal means that everyone can enjoy it!

Ili Pot

Location: 34A, Jalan SG 1/8, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

Central kitchen Operating hours: 10AM ~ 7PM


Delivery Coverage: 56 areas around the Klang Valley

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