One of the latest additions to Mel’s Group’s, you might recognise BAKE by Mel’s suffix from its sister brands such as CC by Mel and ZEN by MEL. 

During our visit there last November, we learnt about the establishment’s affinity for creating “fusions” of doughy products. For example, there’s the Focassant, which is a hybrid of focaccia and croissants. 

Elaborating on their uniquely experimental offerings, BAKE by Mel has introduced a brand new product—Croissant Crisps. You might think of it as a mix between croissants and… perhaps a biscuit, panini, or a pancake?

It might seem counterintuitive to flatten croissants, considering that they’re known for their folds and layers. But actually, this take on croissants maintains the pastry’s flaky consistency while adding an addictive crunchiness. 

At least, that’s what we experienced when trying BAKE by Mel’s iteration of the concept. Although the BAKE by Mel team believes they might be the first to offer this crispy treat in Malaysia, the idea of flattened croissants has been executed in the past, particularly in the West.

BAKE by Mel offers five flavours for its Croissant Crisps—Original, Ovomaltine Spread, White Chocolate Hazelnut, Matcha Ganache, and Strawberry Ganache. We were able to try all of them, so here are our thoughts. 

The Matcha Ganache is decorated by dried rose petals for a mild floral note, and we learnt that the best way to enjoy these half-coated crisps was by eating one bite of the flavoured part followed by one part of the uncovered portion for a balanced mouthful. 

The matcha was not strong at all, so if you’re not into the earthy and vegetal flavour matcha usually comes with, you might enjoy this. But for those who love the slightly bitter and grassy aroma of matcha, the taste here might seem a bit underdeveloped. 

As for the Strawberry Ganache, we found it leaning on the sweeter side. The sprinkles were a nice touch and would probably be a hit with younger kids. 

The Ovomaltine Spread was the only one that was runny, so keep that in mind especially if you’re wearing light-coloured clothing. The flavour was chocolatey as expected, and reminded some of us of the more-familiar Nutella.

White Chocolate Hazelnut seemed to be a hit or miss amongst us, with some loving the nutty taste underpinning the creamy and sweet chocolate, while others found the white chocolate too overpowering. 

More than the flavours, though, we found the flaky, buttery pastry itself to be much more noteworthy, so perhaps the Original might be the way to go, especially for those who like to enjoy the classic things in life. 

Despite being flattened, the Croissant Crisps really just taste like a regular buttery croissant, except it’s all the crunchiest bits (AKA the best part, personally speaking—it’s like a plate of brownies that’s all corners).

Starting from now until February 29, 2024, BAKE by Mel is offering these crisps at RM2 each. The regular price is RM7.90. 

Aside from the crisps, BAKE by Mel also generously shared some other offerings for us to try. We got to enjoy the Uni Matcha Tacro (RM24) again, which was as pleasant as the first time we had it. 

The savoury Curry Potato Croissant (RM8.50) was mildly spicy with a nice blend of flavours, while the Pistachio Lava Croissant Pistachio Cream (RM14) was crispy and nutty. 

The Choco Mochi Crookie (RM8) was a unique combination of different textures, which made for quite the interesting mouthfeel. And last but not least, the Earl Grey Pound Cake (RM18) was soft and moist with a fragrant bergamot touch.

In a word, we would say that BAKE by Mel’s offerings are innovative. Even though the flavours themselves may be familiar, they are served in new and exciting ways, and we can’t wait to see what other kooky products they have in store. 


Address: 20, Jalan 17/155c, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 016-248 2861


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