Chugging Down Chocolatey Goodness With Cocova (October 2020)

We review the natural, low sugar bittersweet chocolates from Cocova Malaysia, including their buttons, nuts and steeped cold chocolate drinks.

Decadent Fudgy Brownies From ChewyBacca (September 2020)

We try out the rich, chew and fudgy brownies from Malaysian home baker, ChewyBacca @chewwyybacca which come with a beautiful shiny crispy top.

Pretty Tarts From Poppy Cherry Pop (September 2020)

We review tarts from Poppy Cherry Pop, with flavours such as biscoff, key lime, berries frangipane, gula melaka apple crumble, strawberry cheese and more.

If You’re Craving “Fudging” Sinful Chocolate Brownies, Here’re 11 Places To Find Them

This list covers homebakers, cake delivery services and cafes in KL that serves moist, indulgent and fudgy chocolate brownies.

We Tried 40 Dishes At This RM160 Choc Buffet—The Winners Are Clear

A review of Grand Hyatt's High On Sugar chocolate dessert buffet features 40 different chocolate dishes, including savoury chocolate dishes on the menu.

This Taman Desa Café Expertly Creates Chocolates That Look Like Rusty Hardware Tools

Since 18's, Taman Desa serves chocolate that looks like hardware tools such as nails, screws, scissors and hammers; and other desserts and sandwiches too.

这家【MAD About Coco】甜品店一定会让巧克力控瞬间陷入疯狂!

对于巧克力的粉丝们来说,不尝遍所有与巧克力沾边的食物就等于枉费来人间走一遭,今天小编想带所有巧克力控来到这家巧克力天堂- MAD About Coco!

You Might Just Fall Into A Chocolate-Induced Coma At This M’sian Nutella Wrap Store

Crush.Time in Shah Alam serves chocolatey Nutella wraps that are sinful and delicious at the same time.

Cocoraw Creates Affordable Chocolate Truffles With Flavours M’sians Know And Love

Cocoraw creates chocolate truffles with flavours that Malaysians would know and love, such as ipoh white coffee and salted gula melaka.

超梦幻的Ballotin Chocolate - 浓情蜜意只献给最亲爱的他/她!

超漂亮的手工制夹心巧克力(bonbon chocolate)就在Ballotin Chocolate。

Tantalise Your Tastebuds With Your Very Own Customised M’sian KitKats

Head to the Kit Kat Chocolatory event which would be held from Sept 21-Oct 4, in order to customise your very own Kit Kat chocolate flavours!