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What the largest 2-storey 7-Eleven store in Puchong looks like (and if it’s worth the hype)

We review the 2-storey 7-Eleven & 7 Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong, the biggest Malaysian outlet with books, beauty products, food, and more.

We Buka Puasa At 3 Different Hilton Hotels In A Month—Here’re 6 Must-Try Dishes

We review Hilton KL, DoubleTree by Hilton and Hilton Petaling Jaya's Ramadhan buffets, with prices starting from RM80.

This KL Cashless Convenience Store Has Japanese, Korean & Taiwanese Snacks!

Funmaii is a Malaysian grab-and-go convenience store where payment can be done with an e-wallet, whereby the store sells Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Thai foods and snacks.

This Puchong Toy Gallery Is A Lilo & Stitch “Shrine”—Clothes, Phone Cases & More!

Wondeur Teddyman is a Lilo & Stitch, Winnie The Pooh, Toy Story, Teletubbies, Mickey Mouse toy gallery in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.

We Found A New Coffee Hideout—It’s Hidden On The First Floor Of This Puchong Hotel

The Bloom Café, located on the first floor of Bloommaze Hotel in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong is a quiet café and eatery in Puchong.

L’Oreal 特卖促销活动就在Puchong 超便宜的美妆品等你来抢购!

国际美妆品牌L'Oreal 将从3月23号至25号,位于 Puchong举办一场L'Oreal Warehouse Sales,让爱美的女性们可以趁机扫货啦!

超狂的榴莲海鲜料理就在Puchong的Home Style Kitchen Asam House!


是时候换副新眼镜啦! OPTICAL 88促销 全场高达80%折扣!

在本地拥有颇高人气的Optical 88 最近在Puchong 区举办了一场 Warehouse Sale。只需 区区RM29起就可以买到潮流眼镜和墨镜咯!

Musang King Durians Are Mixed Into Savoury Dishes & Seafood At This Puchong Restaurant

Home Style Kitchen Asam House is a restaurant in Puchong that serves seafood, tofu, vegetables and fried rice with Musang King durians.

10 Restaurants In Puchong And The Signature Dishes You Should Order When You Dine Here

Guide to the signature, must-try dishes to eat and what you should order at the 10 top restaurants and cafés in Puchong, Malaysia.

炎炎天气下,来份Mango Six超浓郁水果冰沙好幸福!

Mango Six是来自韩国的超人气咖啡甜点店,目前在海内外均有分店。而Mango Six也在去年正式入驻大马,现在不用跑到韩国,也可以尝到韩剧男女主角们所喜爱的芒果冰杀了!

超人气韩式炸鸡店Choo Choo Chicken近日在Puchong开了第三家分店!

韩式炸鸡在前几年因为『来自星星的你』而爆红!而专卖韩式炸鸡的Choo Choo Chicken也大受饕客欢迎,最近他们在Puchong开了在大马的第三家分店!

M’sian Couple Finds A Snail And Cockroach In Their Pan Mee At A Puchong Restaurant

A Malaysian couple finds snail and cockroach in their pan mee at a restaurant in Puchong.

If Fruits Are Your Mortal Enemy, You’d Still Love This Dessert Café’s Tiny Melon Balls

Puchong's Japanese dessert cafe known as Mykori Dessert Cafe, serves kakigori desserts, ham and cheese taiyakis, and more.

【天啊!眼镜蛇制成药?!】Wawasan Puchong 的菜市场竟然有人贩卖眼镜蛇!

在Wawasan Puchong 的菜市场,竟然也有贩卖眼镜蛇。而且一条眼镜蛇价格竟然高达RM8000!