Initially started in 2012 as an online business, Sometime by Asian Designers’ main goal was to provide the Malaysian market with bags that are both fashionable and affordable, something that’s quite hard to find these days.

Sure, you could buy bags off Shopee that are a fraction of the cost, but oftentimes not very durable, and the low quality they’re made from tends to tear or break after a few uses.

This is especially problematic nowadays, especially after the pandemic, because not only do we carry around various necessities like phones, wallets, powerbanks, and more, but also face masks, as well as a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Coming back to Sometime, after operating for around a decade in Malaysia, they’ve recently opened up their biggest outlet in IOI City Mall 2, Putrajaya, which brings the total number of outlets to three, with the two more located in 1Utama Shopping Centre, and The Gardens Mall.

Their new outlet, which is slightly over 600 sq ft, contains some of their bestselling bags that were made in collaboration with local icons and designers like the Nicole Mini Tote Denim bags (RM189) by Nicole Wong, Furry Totes (RM89) by Kamwei Fong, and Crossbody bags (RM209) by Rizman Ruzaini.

But that’s not all, they also carry unisex bags, as well as bag offered in multiple materials ranging from vegan leather, canvas, nylon, denim, and more.

On top of that, they also have other products such as accessories, which include patches, hand sanitiser bottle holders, wallets, and phone cases too from around RM19 onwards.

They also understood that being able to personalise their bags is an important part of the customer experience.

This is why Sometime started offering high-quality personalisation since 2017 for a small fee (personalisation fee depends on product). 

The level of personalisation depends on the bag or accessory that the customers want personalised, such as adding your name, or your signature on the same day.

For example, personalisation via embroidery are usually for canvas bags, while some vegan leather shoulder bags (from RM159) allow you to have your name engraved onto the bag’s clasp.

However, if any products are not available in the store, or if you can’t find the time to visit, you can always check out their e-commerce website to place an order.

On their website, you may also find products other than bags that may tickle your fancy too, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, or even shoes.

Personally, I find their grey Furry Sweatshirt 37 (RM99) quite cute, and I might get one for myself!

Sometime by Asian Designers

Address: LG-272, Lower Ground Floor, IOI City mall 2, Lebuh IRC, Ioi Resort City, 62502, Putrajaya.

Contact: 010 285 2388


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