After Their Chizza Flop, Here's How KFC's Winning With The Golden Egg Crunch

It seems like the salted egg yolk rave has caught up to the fast food F&B world because, as of 25th January 2018, the fried chicken mogul and fast food joint, KFC, has launched a new product: the KFC Golden Egg Crunch.

Image Credit: KFC Malaysia

KFC Golden Egg Crunch is a twist on the infamous and ever-so-popular KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken, in which they marinate the chicken with salted egg yolk and then top it off with aromatic curry leaves and sweet basil. You can get it in a two-piece combo, which costs RM12.50, or the three-piece combo, which costs RM18.50. Both combos come with a tub of coleslaw, a tub of mashed potato, and the new Mug Sarsapilla.

At first glance, the fried chicken pieces do have that golden sheen to it and surprisingly do not look very different from the promotional photos that are always ‘for illustration purpose only’. There’s no mistaking the salted egg coating, but it also does seem quite spicy, which might be a little off-putting for those who do not really enjoy spiciness in their meals.

We could also easily smell the marinated salted egg yolk wafting through the air even before opening the box, so that really got our tongues lolling. We could tell that the skin was crisped to perfection, but as with all food, looks can be deceiving.

First bite and our verdict was that it’s really crunchy. The crispy sensation to the teeth is undeniable and incredibly satisfactory.

In terms of the salted egg aspect of it, there’s kind of a…paradoxical situation to it. The initial is not salty but sweet – that may be due to the sweet basil. However, eventually, the saltiness melds its way into the sweet basil, creating an ideal balance between the two, with the saltiness slightly more tangible.

Also, the curry leaves? Very potent, though not so potent as to put me off it. The one really impressive thing about it is that the saltiness isn’t just on the skin – you can taste it in the meat too. You can’t get this in every chicken.

Image Credit: KFC Malaysia YouTube

KFC has been hitting a lot of highs and lows with their chicken variations. Chizza definitely was not worth the hype. The Chewy Cheese was ‘aite. Let’s not even start on the Cheezy Mushroom Crunch.

But with KFC Golden Egg Crunch, they definitely did something right. Maybe it’s because they didn’t do too much with it – just added the salted egg yolk flavour to the original Hot & Spicy. Or perhaps, salted egg yolk is a trend that’s here to stay.

One thing I am not that happy about is the size, because RM14.50 for just two pieces of an average-sized KFC chicken is definitely slightly overpriced and personally, I don’t think it’s really worth it. But then again, this is just a limited promotion and won’t be a permanent fixture on the menu, so people will still be clambering to it to have a bite – I know I will be back again for more.



Featured Image Credit: KFC Malaysia

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