As part of his Divide tour, Ed Sheeran will be playing a one-night-only concert in KL’s Axiata Arena. Fans of the ginger-haired singer-songwriter went crazy when it was announced earlier this year that he’ll be performing in Malaysia. Whilst the official song list for Ed’s concert has yet to be revealed, here are some songs we hope he sings tonight!

1. Shape Of You

Shape Of You represents the Ed we know and love today. The elements of pop mixed in were initially meant for Rihanna but we’re thankful that he kept it all for himself. No one could’ve done a better rendition of the song, nope not even Rihanna. And c’mon, what could be more reassuring than Ed singing the words, “I’m in love with the shape of you”?

2. Thinking Out Loud

Ever watched the music video to Thinking Out Loud and thought, “Man, this guy can sing. And now he dances too.” Really, Ed? Is there honestly nothing you can’t do? 😛 Now we’re not asking for a lot here, but if Ed decides to do a little dance whilst singing to Thinking Out Loud, who’s complaining, right?

3. Photograph

We’ve all got that special someone who’ll forever hold a special place in our heart regardless of how much time has passed. And Ed describes that perfectly in this song, where he sings the words, “We keep this love in a photograph.” We’d imagine Ed playing an acoustic version to this romantic tune, whilst his fans wave their arms up to the sky.

4. Happier

One of Ed’s newer songs, Happier tells of the hearbreak he feels, having hurt the girl he had fallen in love with (and is still mad for). This song sings of pain and loss and we’d hope to be able to hear the sheer raw feelings in Ed’s voice as he sings this one.

5. Give Me Love

Okay, who’s with me. Arguably the most exciting section of Give Me Love is the part where Ed starts singing, “Mm-my my, m-my my, m-my my, give me love, lover” towards the end of the song. If a studio version of this part to Give Me Love sounds electric, we can’t help thinking what it feels like listening to this life.

6. The A Team

The A Team was one of Ed’s first songs and it’d be interesting to see if he’d put a newer spin to one of his classic hits. Who knows? The ginger-haired singer might just pull out a ukulele for this one, or better, sing an acapella version of The A Team whilst his fans sing along.

7. I See Fire

The first 30 seconds to I See Fire where Ed sings acapella could potentially cause the bulu roma on your arms to stand up. It’s flawless to say the least and c’mon, it’s the theme song for The Hobbit. How can you not want to listen to this one live?!

8. Lego House

You can’t go to an Ed Sheeran concert and not expect Lego House to be played. Released 6 years ago, it’s still arguably one of Ed’s best hits because of that unexpected rap section he goes off on, singing that it’s dark in a cold December but he has to keep his girl warm.

9. Bloodstream (feat. Rudimental)

Bloodstream is a collaboration between Ed and Rudimental and if you’ve heard Rudimental’s work, you’d know that they’re absolutely brilliant musicians. The resulting piece of work is a song that’s fueled with emotion and rest assured, you’d definitely feel the bass from the chorus course through your bloodstream.

So, who’s excited for the Ed Sheeran concert tonight? 😉

Feature Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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