I grew up in a household where greens, herbs and spices are a regular thing.

Back in 2018, I was down with a 2-week-long fever and attempted to #HealThySelf with all the lemon juices and herbs I could get my hands on.

That’s the extent of how much I detest Western medicine and would avoid it as best possible.

Of course, no amount of herbs and spices can cure an ailment like a fever but I was determined to try nonetheless.

24-year-old Siuvon of Liz’s Herbal Remedies can relate.

“My mother would always be whipping up juices and natural concoctions in the kitchen for my family. If we had a headache, she wouldn’t just give us painkillers but ask us to drink lots of water or mash some lemon in our water,” Siuvon said.

Perhaps that’s the reason why brands like Siuvon’s are on the rise today.

Whilst not a cure-all remedy, Liz’s Herbal Remedies (comprising of a mother-daughter duo) is setting out across pop-up markets in Klang Valley with their jar of Golden Goodness in tow.

“We are very passionate about helping people restore their health and live a healthier life. We focus on spices and natural remedies, traditional hand-crafted preparations to boost the immune system, improve body functions and restore one’s health and wellbeing,” Siuvon told us.

How the pair came to become business partners was also one out of necessity.

“About a year ago, my father had very high blood pressure and the doctor advised him to go on lifelong blood pressure medication. However, my mom gave him the paste mixture every day and also changed his diet, including a lot more raw green juices, reducing oily foods and eating at home. He didn’t go on any hospital medication and, after four months, his blood pressure stabilised,” Siuvon noted.

Currently, Liz’s Herbal Remedies offers 2 products, one of which is their 16-spice Garam Masala (RM25 for 100g). It can be used for seasoning and as cooking powder.

The other, is their Golden Goodness mixture, (RM135 for 750g).

The concoction looks pretty much like how one would expect it to look: a golden paste that looks like pure health, poured into a large jar.

Siuvon shared that this is a family recipe passed down from generations past.

The recipe came from Siuvon’s 95-year-old grandmother.

“Any time someone would get sick, my grandmother would mash up something in the kitchen and give it to the family quickly,” she said.

According to Siuvon, Golden Goodness is a general immune system booster which holds anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties while being packed with antioxidants, and is a detox agent at the same time.

Siuvon added that the mixture is made with 10 different ingredients, with turmeric being one of the main ingredients and the mixture is also formulated based on ayurvedic principles with the exact ingredient combination chosen for optimal absorption.

“People don’t realise that it all starts from your gut. When you don’t cleanse your gut properly, bacteria leaks into your body and affects your weakest organ or body part first. When you are constipated or don’t clear your bowels properly, your body becomes toxic. That, in turn, affects everything,” Siuvon said.

Admittedly, these herbal remedies are not for everyone but it’s a good option for those who are looking for alternative ways to cure themselves of minor ailments and for the overall improvement of health.

This business by the team of 2 has been around since January 2019 and as of now, it is their part-time venture though there are plans to pursue it full-time, as well as to expand their range of offerings.

“Growing up, we were raised with healthy habits that now adds up to a healthy lifestyle. To us, it’s more than just promoting a product but advocating a natural and healthier way of life,” Siuvon concluded.

The mother-daughter duo can often be seen with their jars of goodness at pop-up markets around Klang Valley. However, you can also opt to purchase their products online or via their email at [email protected]

All Image Credit: Liz’s Herbal Remedies

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