It seems like the cheese trend is here to stay, as proven by Restoran Di Naina’s epically cheesy naan bread.

As if a warm ooey gooey cheese centre isn’t enough, what this restaurant does is add a generous layer of cheese sauce on the exterior of the naan.

Image Credit: Azemi Mahmud

Slicing into the centre will give you the maximum cheese satisfaction, that’s for sure!

Restoran Di Naina serves up other mamak specialties, but they are most known for their cheese naan—for obvious reasons!

Image Credit: Jimmy Chong

It also helps that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day. That way, they’re always there for you, even if you get severe cheese naan cravings at 4 in the morning. 😛

Image Credit: Nicole Lui Luii

Each naan bread is priced at RM7 and is best served with some classic teh tarik or teh o ais limau.

We bet you won’t find a cheese naan quite like the one that Restoran Di Naina serves up daily. And it’s totally worth the visit the next time you’re down in Perak.

Image Credit: Jiuan Ng

Restoran Di Naina

Hours: 24 hours/day

Address: Gunung Rapat 37, Jalan Sri Ampang 1, Taman Sri Ampang, Gunung Rapat, Perak, 31350

Tel: 05-311 2270

Feature Image Credit: Jimmy Chong, Nicole Lui Luii

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