Let’s talk about a typical Valentine’s Day date: getting off early from work to pick up the significant other, a nice romantic dinner, a nice romantic walk after the romantic dinner, maybe even a little…you know, dessert.

A Valentine’s Day date is not a date without a gift, and everyone – doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl – loves chocolate. If I were to ask you to name some chocolate brands off the top of your head, I’m sure some that would come to mind include the likes of Godiva, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Beryl’s, and Hershey’s.

And while these chocolates are great, the local Malaysian scene has some pretty unique chocolate brands as well. Perhaps it is time you go the extra mile and hunt down these brands – surprise your bae with a gift from a local chocolate brand instead of one of those worldwide conglomerate brands.

1. Ballotin Chocolate

Image Credit: Ballotin Chocolate Facebook

Ballotin Chocolate specialises in bonbons, and if chocolate is your Kryptonite and you wish to stay strong and tough, you might wanna stay out of there. But this is a Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love, there is no way you can just skim out of it. You can be sure, though, that the intended of the gift will definitely love this, because Ballotin Chocolate bonbons are not only colourful, they’re also marbled and vary in flavours.

2. Chocolate Concierge

Image Credit: Chocolate Concierge

Chocolate Concierge is special in which everything about them is basically about the nature and homegrown. They have their own cacao farm, their own growers, and their own recipes for their own chocolates. And the fact that they have been featured in the Michelin food guide is proof enough that Malaysian chocolatiers are not to be played with.

3. Cocoraw

Image Credit: Cocoraw

Started from 2016, Cocoraw has quickly grown into a locally famous chocolate brand. Perhaps this is because of their affordable prices. Maybe it is also because of their own local twist to typically known chocolate flavours. For example, they infuse ingredients like Gula Melaka and Teh Tarik with their main choice coating, which is the Nama chocolates from Japan.

4. Francestle Confectionaries

Image Credit: Francestle Confectionaries Facebook

Sounds French, right? Well, it’s not. This company was conceptualised in 2009 with a team of experts with vast experience in the know-hows of the chocolate industry. Using their knowledge, they have been doing innovative product development, creating their own recipes and products to wow the customers. You’ll surely be able to find something among their in-house products for your partner.

5. FIDANI Chocolatier

Image Credit: FIDANI Chocolatier Facebook

To make sure that it goes with your one-in-a-million significant other and ensure that they understand their value to you, FIDANI Chocolatier offers top-tiered chocolates in elegantly wrapped gift boxes. Their chocolates are made with Belgian ingredients and 100% cocoa butter. You can get fit boxes for pralines and gianduja, truffles, or crunches.

6. Chocolat World

Image Credit: Chocolat World Facebook

Possibly the oldest Malaysian chocolatier in the country, having been conceptualised since 2001, the brand has been refining its work from the recipes to the final creation. While Belgian chocolates are the to-go chocolate, they also use ingredients from Switzerland, arguably the second best chocolate producer in the world. While you are free to just purchase from their pre-existing truffles, pralines, and macarons, they also offer the services of customising gift packs for special occasions, including Valentine’s Day.

7. Love18

Image Credit: Love18

Love18 is actually a café located in Puchong, but they also put on sale a variety of handmade chocolates that are not lacking in comparison to other branded chocolates. Despite being just a little café, their chocolates have gotten them featured in publications nationwide.

8. Lavand

Image Credit: Lavand Facebook

They are one of the best known names in the local chocolate scene, especially famous for their truffles, baklavas, and dragees. At Lavand, you have every opportunity to request for a customised chocolate set, because their motto is ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, which means they understand that each individual has their own concept of beauty, in terms of chocolate.

9. Since 18’s

Image Credit: Since 18’s Facebook

Also another café with their own handmade chocolate. This time, they take it a step further by wrapping up their unique chocolate creations into bouquets, so that you can easily purchase it as a gift for your significant other. They combine flowers with chocolates – the two best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

10. Grandeur Chocolate

Image Credit: Grandeur Chocolate Facebook

Grandeur Chocolate is a rather obscure name compared to the others in this list, but that doesn’t mean that they are not good. As per their regulations,  they are always ensuring the quality of their ingredients and products. Apart from that, you can also get packaging in adorable little boxes, which makes it easier to hide this present from your partner before presenting it to them.

Featured Image Credit: DramaFever

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