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M’sian Teen Suffers Nitrogen Burns On Palm And Throat From Dragon Breath Cookies

Dragon breath desserts are a food trend that was all the craze this year and it is an interesting dish which incorporates liquid nitrogen to give it the smoky effect.

It may come across as a seemingly harmless dish but an Alor Setar teenager recently suffered burns from this dessert.

A report in the New Straits Times said that 15-year-old Mohd Aiman Mohd Ridwan had purchased some dragon breath cookies from a night market. He placed some onto his palm only to burn his skin by accident with the liquid nitrogen.

“My family and I stopped at the stall as we were interested in the way the cookies were being prepared. It was fascinating to see the patrons exhaling smoke from their nose and mouth after eating the cookies. My parents and siblings did feel a slight pain on their tongue after eating the cookies, which I believed was caused by the nitrogen, but none of them suffered burn injuries like I did,” he told New Straits Time.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Aiman had described the pain as boiling water on his palm. He applied some ointment on his palm but awoke the next day to blisters on his palm.

The tragic incident is a reminder to all of us to be extra careful when consuming our meals.

Feature Image Credit: Yelp & Treattrout