Pokémon Go 已经在马来西亚正式发布超过一个礼拜了。

在这段期间,马来西亚的神奇宝贝训练家也纷纷地在各地搜索神奇宝贝以完成他们的 Pokédex!

而各个 Hotspot 也推出了许多 Lure Modules 以便帮助神奇宝贝训练家搜索到除了 Rattatas 和 Pidgeys 这些普遍的神奇宝贝以外的稀有品种!

若你也想要那些超级稀有的神奇宝贝,你们不需要再浪费时间一步一步地去寻找了!因为 Vulcan Post 最近才刚刚为大家整理出13种罕见神奇宝贝所在马来西亚出没的准确位置!



1. Jynx

Image Credit: Mohawk Pomade @Facebook

地点:Ampang, Taman Tasik Cyberjaya, Prince Court Medical Centre, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

2. Gyarados

Image Credit: Hazim Asmuni @ Facebook

地点:Jonker Street Melaka, The Gardens Mall, Tasik Chini Pahang

3. Nidoking

Image Credit: Eazzy Izz @ Facebook

地点:Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuching International Airport, Georgetown Penang

4. Rapidash

Image Credit: Adrian Chin @ Facebook

地点:Persiaran Tropicana, Paradigm Mall, Masjid Shah Alam, The Curve, 1Utama. Summit Bukit Mertajam

5. Ninetails

Image Credit: Zulfiqar Zulkarnain @ Facebook

地点 :The Curve, Bandaraya Kuching, Dataran Merdeka, Pasar Malam Kelang Lama Kulim, Zoo Negara

6. Raichu

Image Credit: Zulfiqar Zulkarnain @ Facebook

地点:Kampung Bengali Butterworth, Damansara Jaya, Pavillion KL

7. Porygon


地点:Tropicana City Mall, KLCC, Midvalley, 1Utama, Empire Shopping Mall

8. Snorlax

Image Credit: Faris Seny @ Facebook

地点:Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall, Old Town White Coffee Cyberjaya, Maybank Sunway Giza

9. Arcanine

Image Credit: Nicholas Cheong @ Facebook

地点:KLCC Park, The Curve, Dataran Merdeka

10. Farfetch’d

Image Credit: Kekanda Scm


11. Dragonite

Image Credit: Miroul Rouren @ Facebook

地点:Danga Bay Johor, KLCC Park, Wangsa Maju

12. Chansey

Image Credit: Sean Tan Wee Seong @ Facebook

地点:Solaris Mont Kiara, Kepong, SJMC Subang, Prince Court Hospital

13. Charizard

Image Credit: Syahid Impianku @ Facebook

地点:Taiping Lake Gardens, TTC Bangi, Titiwangsa


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