These Layered Cheesecakes In Glass Jars Are Cute And Convenient To Indulge In!

We try out Little Chindian Bakes delicious cheesecakes in jars, which come in Nutella Biscoff or Lotus Biscoff chessecake flavours.



KL-ites, You Can Now Get Yourself A Personalised Nutella Jar With Your Name On It

Get your very own personalised name Nutella jars with #NutellaMessenger at Sunway Pyramid from February 24-26, 2017 and 1 Utama from March 1-5, 2017.

Shah Alam出现每天都大排长龙的Nutella可丽饼摊,吃了都表示“太好吃啦”!

现在Shah Alam有一家专卖Nutella可丽饼的摊位!这个摊位叫作Crush.Time,别看这个它小小的,每天可是有大排长龙的顾客等着吃他们的可丽饼哦!

You Might Just Fall Into A Chocolate-Induced Coma At This M’sian Nutella Wrap Store

Crush.Time in Shah Alam serves chocolatey Nutella wraps that are sinful and delicious at the same time.