Shah Alam出现每天都大排长龙的Nutella可丽饼摊,吃了都表示“太好吃啦”!


Image Credit: Nabila.Husna

巧克力可丽饼很常见,但通常店家都会使用普通的巧克力酱,而用Nutella酱的却比较少见。如果你和小编一样喜欢吃Nutella可丽饼,现在Shah Alam有一家专卖Nutella可丽饼的摊位哦!

Image Credit: Crush.Time


Image Credit: Crush.Time

Crush.Time除了在Shah Alam有一个摊位,他们还接受生日派对或各种活动场合的订单。

Image Credit: Crush.Time


Image Credit: Sharifahrose
Image Credit: norahwaxshahalam



营业时间: 6pm-11m(星期一至四)12pm-11pm(周末)

Address: Jalan Plumbum Aa 7/Aa, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

Website: Crush.Time

Tel:  017-382 8816

Feature Image Credit: Misky_Bysha & Sharifahrose

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