Tropicana Avenue

Tropicana Avenue

Get A Meaty Christmas Spread With Rooftop Views At This Tropicana Avenue Restaurant

We try the Christmas platter and other signature dishes from Curious Kitchen in Tropicana Avenue, known for their meats and delicious sangria.

HAPP Café-清新简约风的玻璃花房咖啡厅!

漂亮的花朵总是能让人心情变好。位于Tropicana Avenue的Happ Café里不仅有咖啡香还有淡淡的花香,让人一推开门走进去,心情就顿时明朗起来。

Happ Café Is Pretty Much The Happ-iest Place In Tropicana—You Can Even Get Flowers Here

Happ Cafe in Tropicana Avenue is a mini flower store, a postcard station and lovely desserts.