healthy food

healthy food

We Challenged Agrain To Create 6 Healthy Meals For People Who Are Like “Kale No”

We tried six different grain bowls and dishes from the Agrain Summer Menu. Agrain by Hale is a restaurant in KL that serves and delivers healthy food.

This Granola Bowl Specialty Café Is Launching Its 2nd Outlet—There’ll Be Free Food!

Mich'sology is opening its second branch at Damansara Uptown on September 30, 2018 and there will be free food!


漂亮、健康又美味的餐点不一定要在昂贵的高级餐厅才吃得到。来到位于Subang Jaya的Food Art Grocery Café,不但可以满足你吃货的欲望,还可以让你吃得健康又安心。