It was a sunny Saturday morning, bodies all sweaty from a breathless stroll up and down the slopes of Bukit Kiara trails when my cafe-hopping-partner-in-crime and I stumbled upon this quaint little café in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

We were surprised to see this place packed with early risers. The queue outside the cafe was super long too. What in the world was going on, we wondered. We continued walking past, jaws hung down in awe, and our eyes darted around, as we tried to catch a glimpse of what’s hot.

First thing we saw was the name of the place – Dotty’s. Then, we spotted irresistibly tempting pastries that were perfectly arranged by the window. I admit, we were a little bit on a tight budget at that time so if we were to give this place a try, it would have to wait until payday. But, we couldn’t resist it so we decided to screw being broke and went back the next day.

Upon entering Dotty’s, I knew right away that I wouldn’t stop talking about this place. Here’s why.

1 – The Salted Egg Yolk Cronut

I’m a sucker for salted egg yolk anything! So, when the waitress asked if we’d like to try their salted egg yolk cronut, I ordered two, without hesitation. What can I say, the heart wanted what it wanted. This yellow treasure was simply heavenly. It was sweet with a hint of saltiness, the texture was perfectly puffy, there was a generous amount of salted egg yolk molten oozing out and it was not at all ‘jelak’.  I fell head over heels in love with this thing. More salted egg yolk cronuts, please!

2 – Food, glorious food!

Trust me when I say, you’ll never leave Dotty’s hungry. Food options are aplenty! If you’re craving for breakfast during lunch – they’ve got you covered, if you want something light just to fill your tummy – they’ve got the 3S (soups, salads, sandwiches) that will satisfy your taste buds, and if you feel that light meals are for the weak and want something more solid – hello, come right in! Oh, be sure to check out their creative beverages too. Doughnut latte, anyone?

During my visit there, I was a tad overwhelmed by the choices so I went on the safe route and ordered the big breakfast platter. I guess now I have more reasons to go back – I must try everything else!

3 – Desserts here, there, and everywhere

If one of the things that make you go weak in the knees is dessert then walk this way but enter at your own risk, yo. I stepped into Dotty’s with difficulties walking in a straight line because there were too many pastries and desserts to choose from! Is this what heaven looks like? It didn’t help that all of them looked so pretty too. Chocolate peanut butter cuboid, raspberry pavlova, brownies, and more – take your pick.

4 – Friendly and attentive staff at every corner

Assistance is just a ‘hand-raise’ away. If you need anything, the friendly staff at Dotty’s will gladly assist with a cheerful smile. They’re so friendly that one of them even started talking to me like we were longtime friends. Then, this person asked me what time it was. Totally caught me off-guard but it’s okay. #random

5 – Simply gorgeous interior and exterior


In this modern era where social media is fed first before our own tummies, it’s without a doubt that a café’s interior or exterior sells better than the food… sometimes.

At Dotty’s, the first thing that captured my attention was the unique and very western feel of the place. It looked super comfortable and so welcoming. I could picture myself walking in on a cold rainy day, seeking shelter, enjoying a cup of salted caramel latte and reading my favourite book. Bliss! There’s one downside though – it can get very noisy when it’s very, very packed, mainly due to it’s tight space. Other than that, it’s still a great place to chill while enjoying scrumptious food.

Address: Dotty’s, 20 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: 8AM – 6PM. Closed on Tuesdays

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