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8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do At This Little Known Fishing Village In Klang

Here are some activities and what to do during a one-day daytrip to fishing village, Sungai Lima, which is 30 minutes away from Port Klang.

Bekok Is A Quaint Little Village In Johor & Here Are 16 Fun Things To Do There

Bekok is a quaint little village in Johor and here are 16 fun and exciting things to do here, including visiting an animal farm.

Malaysia’s Hidden Food Gem Lies In Bentong—These Are The 9 Meals You “Die Die” Must Try

Here are 9 amazing food that every Malaysian should try and eat in Bentong, Pahang, such as the Guang Xi "3 Signature Dishes" and homemade ice cream.

5 Alternative Hulu Langat Hotspots That You Can Explore With A Trusty Ol’ Vespa

Here are 5 fun adventures to try on a 1-day roadtrip to Hulu Langat including The Professor's Herb Garden, Gabai Waterfall and Nasi Ambeng.

If You’re Traveling To Raub Soon, These 5 Activities Will Make Your Trip Worthwhile

These 5 fun and exciting daytrip activities in Raub, Pahang will make your trip worthwhile.

You’ve Not Experienced Sekinchan Until You’ve Tried These 6 Unique Activities

Here are 6 unique experiences that you can try on a day trip to Sekinchan.