Malaysia’s 59th independence day is coming up real soon (read: tomorrow), so what better time to get into the spirit of things and get our patriotism on? Below are 5 ways for you to immerse yourself in our country’s colourful history and culture, and start off Merdeka day right:

Have a local movie marathon

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Ain’t nothing that can get our patriotism levels high than watching some good old Malaysian movies. And I’m not talking about Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Flicks like Ola Bola, 15Malaysia, Sarjan Hassan, and Sepet are guaranteed to make you feel some type of way and be overcome with patriotic emotion. Netflix-and-chill with your favourite local films online, or buy some DVDs and curl up in front of your TV for local movie night.

Indulge in your favourite local foods

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What better way to get into the Merdeka spirit than by pigging out on your favourite Malaysian foods? We all know that Malaysian cuisine is one-of-a-kind, and nothing in the world can ever beat our beloved nasi lemak and char kway teow. Imbue yourself with patriotic pride when gulping down that ice-cold cendol, because you know that nowhere else on the globe can you get food nearly this good!

Visit historic sites

Image Credit: Adam Lai Photography
Image Credit: Adam Lai Photography

In order to appreciate our history and how us Malaysians came to be here, pay our local museums and historic sites a visit! Not only will we be learning all kinds of new things about our own country, but it’s also a great opportunity for us to reflect and value our forefathers and all that’s been done to get us to this point in time. Plus, most of our national landmarks are either free to visit or will only set you back a small amount, so you have no excuse not to go!

Watch a spectacular fireworks display

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The second the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of August, cities and towns nationwide light up with colourful, booming fireworks that can be heard from all over. If you live somewhere with a good city view, then all you have to do is look out your windows or balconies for a stunning view of sparkling fireworks. Or if you live further off and want to see the show up close, go to places like KLCC, Putrajaya, or Dataran Merdeka for a wonderful fireworks display to celebrate our country’s national day, alongside fellow Malaysians of all ages, races, religions, and cultures.

Attend our National Day Parade

Image Credit: The Star
Image Credit: The Star

You know when you wake up on Merdeka morning, switch on your TV and see the grand National Day Parade commencing down Dataran Merdeka? Why not attend the parade for yourself one day? The annual celebrations happen in the earlier hours of Merdeka day, and thousands upon thousands of Malaysians show up every year to commemorate our independence day together. The atmosphere is buzzing with patriotic pride, so come by early on the 31st if you want to see how it is for yourself!

Now go and immerse yourself in some national spirit just in time for independence day. All of us from Discover KL would like to wish all Malaysians a happy 59th Merdeka, and to enjoy your holiday!

Featured Image Credit: The Malay Mail Online

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