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派对场地推介!超漂亮的隐藏版绿色别墅—The Woods Villa!


Bridal House Meets Fairytale At This Dreamy Merry-Go-Round Concept Café In Ipoh

Valentino Bridal, Ipoh, is a Korean bridal-themed café and wedding studio in Ipoh which features a dreamy merry-go-round concept in its ground floor café.

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Queensbay Mall in Penang transforms into a snow-filled winter wonderland for Chinese New Year 2017.


彭亨是马来西亚最大州,拥有非常丰富的雨林、高原和海滩。每次说到彭亨,大家就会想到Taman Negara、Cameron Highlands、Genting Highlands或Tioman Island,但其实彭亨还有许多隐藏式的大自然景点等着你们去探索哦!

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又快要来到大家最期待的TGIF 了~ 但是你还没决定好周末想干嘛?想去别的城市来个开车遨游又临时订不到酒店了? 没关系!小编现在就来介绍大家超方便又轻松的一日游!超FUN的行程就在这里~

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