On average, humans spend close to 3,000 hours in bed each year (more if you’re a kid).

To put that into perspective, that’s a little over 100 days spent living in one single space!

With those numbers in place, it makes sense that one would splurge on building an environment which is both fun and functional.

With that, here’s our guide on choosing the right bed for kidsthere’s one for every budget whether you’re looking for a budget bed or a premium one.

Now if only these beds are made for adults too!

Perfect for those with a tighter budget:

1. Princess House Bunk Bed

Who’s It For: Little girls will enjoy dreaming in this Princess House Bunk Bed.

What’s Good: It has a fun feminine vibe to it and is perfect for families with 2 little girls.

Cool Features: Comes with a pink door and window décor.

Price: RM799

2. Revo Sport Car Bed

Who’s It For: Perfect for car-loving kids.

What’s Good: The Revo Sport Car Bed  is built to resemble a race car, complete with wheels and headlights.

Cool Features: The plastic tire is made with Chrome finish rims.

Price: RM1,199

3. Fire Rescue PlayBunk

Who’s It For: The Fire Rescue PlayBunk is great for junior firefighters in the making.

What’s Good: The slide makes it easy for your little fireman to slide out of bed when called for duty.  

Cool Features: Curtains make for a makeshift fort, perfect for camping in.

Price: RM1,599

Perfect for those with modest budgets:

4. Seattle Mid Sleeper With Curtains And Tower

Who’s It For: The Seattle Mid Sleeper is made for little ones with a whole bunch of toys and books.

What’s Good: Storage pockets and added details like curtains elevate the sleeping experience.

Cool Features: Beds with slides, ‘nuff said.

Price: RM1,799

5. Jersey Mid Sleeper With Towers And Curtains

Who’s It For: The Jersey Mid Sleeper With Towers And Curtains is designed specifically for little knights.

What’s Good: This castle-themed bed is great for when your kids are not busy defending their land.

Cool Features: The added tower effect transforms this bed into a castle made for little princes!

Price: RM1,799

6. Aurora Carriage Bed

Who’s It For: The Aurora Carriage Bed is made for princesses of every age.

What’s Good: Dreamy and fairytale-like, this bed has an overhead awning and the carriage has a metal gold finish to it.

Cool Features: The airy curtains keep pesky mozzies out and Disney dreams in.

Price: RM2,199

Perfect for those looking to splurge:

7. Tree House Bed

Who’s It For: Mischievous kids who are always looking to climb one thing or another.

What’s Good: The Tree House Bed comes with a little ladder for that extra boost.

Cool Features: Being positioned off the ground makes it easy to vacuum the space beneath.

Price: RM2,339

8. Beach House Playbunk Bed

Who’s It For: The Dream House Playbunk Bed is a little home of its own, complete with a shelf to store books and toys in.

What’s Good: The lower space directly beneath the bed can also be turned into a play area or a space where a queen-sized mattress can be placed as a day bed.

Cool Features: Comes with a cozy loft bed and loads of shelves and storage space.

Price: RM 4,499

9. Olivia Dollhouse Playbunk Bed With Queen Bed Base

Who’s It For: The Olivia Dollhouse Playbunk Bed is smartly designed to have everything a little princess needs.

What’s Good: Comes with a spacious shelf where your girl can keep her dreams, hopes and courage in (oh, and there’ll be space for her teddies too!).

Cool Features: Specially-designed footholds that act as a staircase so your little princess can climb up to her bed safely.

Price: RM4,999

As much as it is vital to pick out pieces of furniture that are safe and durable, it’s equally as important to introduce your kids to beds which spark their creativity and pique their interest.

TomatoKidZ, awarded Asia’s Finest Online Kids Furniture Store and the Superbrands of Malaysia 2018 offers these with their range of furniture including:

  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Lamps
  • Ergonomic desks and chairs that are suitable for all ages
  • And so much more…

TomatoKidZ emphasises on beds which step outside the boundaries of traditional sleeping spaces. Their goal is to:

  • Produce furniture which are space-saving
  • Produce beds that kids will enjoy resting, playing and dreaming in
  • Create furniture for every budget, whether it’s economy or premium signature beds
  • Be your one stop furniture store with everything from lamps to beds and mattresses

TomatoKidZ’s furniture can be purchased via their online store but for parents who enjoy the touch and feel process, the brand has a physical store in Damansara Utama as well as a 2nd outlet in KL, which has opened its doors since August 2017.

View these beds and more by dropping by TomatoKidZ physical outlets here:

TomatoKidZ Desa Pandan, KL

Hours: 12pm-9pm, Tuesdays-Sundays (except public holidays that fall on a weekday) Closed on Mondays.

Address: Lot G03B & G05, G Village Desa Pandan, No. 35, Jln 1/76, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Waze or Google Map: TOMATO KidZ Desa Pandan G Village)

Website: TomatoKidZ

TomatoKidZ Damansara Utama

Hours: 10am-7pm, daily (except public holidays that fall on a weekday)

Address: No. 64, Jalan SS 21/1, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Website: TomatoKidZ

All Image Credit: TomatoKidZ.

This article is written in collaboration with TomatoKidZ.

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