4 Apps That'll Keep You Updated On The M'sian GE14 Polling Results

GE14 is less than a week away and for those who will be traveling and on-the-go during the announcement of the Malaysian GE14 polling results, here’re 4 homegrown apps that will definitely come in handy.

1. Newswav

This app is developed by a company under the same name: Newswav Sdn. Bhd. Essentially, the app is an online news aggregator which compiles the news from reputable online sources so you’ll have fresh updates at your fingertips. The trilingual app allows Malaysians to read the news in English, Malay and Chinese. On top of being a reliable GE14 news source, you can also use the app to check your voting status. For those who are on-the-go during the announcement of the polling results, they will be able to view live results through the app too.

Google Playstore Download Link: Newswav

Apple Playstore Download Link: Newswav

2. GE14

Similar to Newswav, this app, aptly named GE14 is an online news aggregator where you’ll get content from 25 news sources like Free Malaysia Today, NST Online, Malaysiakini and The Sun Daily. The app is updated every few minutes and any breaking news can be viewed through the app by way of articles—including the much anticipated polling results.

Google Playstore Download Link: GE14

3. GE14 Streaming News And Results

Through the GE14 Streaming News And Results app, users can check their status of registration as a voter as well as the location of their voting place during the election day itself. As a bonus, users can view the biodatas of election candidates prior to making their selection on polling day. The GE14 Streaming News And Results app allows users to get results of the general election through the live streaming radio function too.

Google Playstore Download Link: GE14 Streaming News And Results

4. Keputusan Terkini PRU14

This app has an all-in-one function whereby users are able to check the parliament and DUN representative for their state as well as check their status of registration as a voter. On top of that, be sure to get live election results through the Keputusan Terkini PRU14 app wherever you may be during the announcement of the results.

Google Playstore Download Link: Keputusan Terkini PRU14

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