This Is Not Your Typical Savoury Kopitiam B'fast—It's Actually A Dessert Set!

The art of food disguise is one of the best ways to ignite interest in foods we’ve otherwise already been accustomed to.

Think burgers disguised as a cake with strawberry glaze “ketchup” on the side.

Or sushi that’s really a white fondant éclair playing dress up with some faux salmon.

Forêt Blanc is a master at this—turning desserts into “savoury meals”.

They first did it with their “banana leaf” waffles, crafted out of their love for banana leaf rice.

The unique dessert is waffle flavoured with chai spices and served with homemade coconut ice cream, chilly mango jelly, toasted coconut, mango curry chantilly and balsamic rice cracker.

Now, the dessert house has done it again with their next food disguise: a kopitiam breakfast set.

The Kopitiam Breakfast Set consists of:

  • a butter waffle with homemade teh tarik ice cream, homemade kaya, fried Nestum and milk “butter”
  • a Nescafé crème brûlée
  • gula melaka “soy sauce”
  • chocolate “egg” with passionfruit mango “yolk” and coconut mousse “egg white”

Whilst some of the elements of the original Kopitiam breakfast remains—such as the kaya—everything else has been given its own original spin by Forêt Blanc.

Toast is reimagined as a butter waffle, and butter is really fried Nestum and milk “butter”.

Also, your cup of Kopi O’ is a silky smooth Nescafé crème brûlée.

As for the classic runny egg yolk and soy sauce combination, you’d be having gula melaka drizzled onto a chocolate “egg” with a passionfruit mango “yolk” and a coconut mousse “egg white”.

With their imaginative creations thus far, we can’t wait to see what else Forêt Blanc will come up with next!

Forêt Blanc

Address: 49G Jalan PJS1/50 Petaling Utama Avenue, Kuala Lumpur

Website: Forêt Blanc

Tel: 03-7773 1379

Feature Image Credit: Forêt Blanc, Instagram user @zhilinglee

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