We Got A Sneak Peek Of The Genting Dream Cruise—Including Its RM25k Luxury Cabin

Even from a distance, the Genting Dream Cruise, docked at the Boustead Cruise Centre in Port Klang, looked pretty impressive and we would soon find out that its not just because of its size.

Image Credit: Atalanta Travel

DiscoverKL recently had the chance to go on a special ship tour of the 18-deck vessel by Genting Cruise Lines as it marked its inaugural arrival in Port Klang on 4 December.

Genting Dream first debuted in November 2016 and since then, has whisked guests away on 2-night weekend cruises and alternating 5-night Sunday cruises from Singapore to destinations in the Straits of Malacca and in the Java Seas.

When we first entered the Genting Dream vessel, we visited the Zodiac Theatre on Deck 7 and were treated to a slew of performances by the talented crew members on board the cruise. We even got a preview of the Voyage of a Lover’s Dream production which tells the love story between a mermaid and an astronaut (the theme for the Genting Dream cruise itself).  

Hands down the performance that wowed the entire crowd was the ballet-meets-acrobatic act which saw a ballerina balancing gracefully…whilst en pointe on her partner’s head!

After the performances, we aptly began our tour on the highest deck of the cruise ship, taking the lift all the way up to where the party’s at.

We arrived on Deck 19 and walked through the Palm Court, a bar with a view.

And the view is none other than the outdoor observatory, where guests can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the pool and sun deck beneath.

If it’s this lit during the day, we could only imagine what the pool area’s like when the sun goes down.

Even with the scorching midday sun, we saw a couple of guests taking a dip by the pool (we wished we had time to do that too!).

There’s also a shaded area where guests can chill with a book in one hand and a drink (from the nearby bar) in the other.

On the same deck, we paid the gymnasium and studio a visit.

At the gym you’d find yourself running on a treadmill, with your eyes set on the open expanse of the blue ocean below. I mean, how often does that even happen? :O

The next part of our tour brought us to an elegant spiral staircase.

One floor beneath, we were greeted by a cosy lounge area, furnished with wine red executive armchairs. The area is a part of the Genting Club, which exclusively caters to the the suites’ guests.

An oriental-like walkway complete with gold décor later led us to the room that everyone was excited to visit, particularly as it’s the most expensive statehouse on the cruise.

In fact, 5 nights spent at the Garden Penthouse statehouse would total up to RM25k++.

What RM5k++ a night would get you is an outdoor patio with a private jacuzzi and a lounge area.

You would also find a bathroom complete with marble flooring and a matching sink.

And that’s just the guest bathroom.

The master bathroom is a whole other ballgame. It’s a lot more spacious and can comfortably fit 2 people at any given time.

We also like how the bathroom comes equipped with double sinks so 2 or more people can get ready together in the morning.

The Penthouse is designed in such a way that it’s almost like having your own personal mini suite, and as the folks behind Genting Dream puts it, “it’s like a ship within a ship”.

The duplex suite comes complete with partitions, a mini bar and a living room area with a grand piano.

Just a quick walk down the same deck, you’d find the Palace Suite.

A little more private, this stateroom has its own charm. Where the Garden Penthouse can accommodate 6 persons, the Palace Suite is ideal for couples instead.

5 nights at the Palace Suite totals up to RM4.6k++.

Some of the perks include a private balcony and a personalised minibar.

On Deck 15, you’d find the bridge viewing room, where guests can get a sneak peek (behind a glass window) of the cruise control room as well as the captains’ portfolios.

At this deck, you’ll also find a replica of the Genting Dream itself.

Fans of miniature replicas would be impressed by the detailed model of the Genting Dream.

Yup, you’re looking at a miniature version of the 6 water slides on the ship, as well as the rope and rock climbing wall.

We ended our tour several decks below where the F&B section’s at.

There are over 35 different F&B outlets throughout the ship so one thing you’ll know for sure while you’re on board this cruise, is that you’ll never go hungry.

If one of your 2018 goals is to enjoy a premium cruise experience, you can opt to embark on a journey with Genting Dream as it sets sail on its Singapore deployment, with 2 separate cruise itineraries.

A 5-night Island Escapade cruise which marks a journey through Singapore, Port Klang, Penang and Phuket will commence from 14 January-28 March.

Meanwhile, the Treasure of Indonesia cruise, with a destination route through Singapore, Surabaya and North Bali will take place between 7 January-4 February.

Alternatively, head on over to Dream Cruise’s official website for more details.

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