While beautiful barns and marquee wedding venues are rare in Malaysia, there are couples who go out of their way to look for that perfect venue to complete their dream wedding.

Traditionally, a marquee venue is set up temporarily. Unless you’re looking for a beachside or you know of a space large enough to do, the idea of looking at a venue which has a permanent marquee is much more feasible for us here in KL.

Puteh at Subang has done just that. Their permanent marquee venue is perfect for your big day! I know, picking a venue is a BIG deal as it sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire ceremony. If you are one of those who has been dreaming of having a marquee garden wedding, here are some tips to consider when planning one. Let’s get this fiesta started!


Numero Uno: If you’re a stress-er, go for the all-inclusive rest-er

Unlike hotels and other full-service venues, marquee venues are usually bare and you will need to source for everything. If the idea of sourcing for a venue, tables and chairs, caterer, sound and light equipment, decoration options (and everything else needed) stresses you out, stop reading this article right now and opt for an all-inclusive venue instead. Take it from someone (me) who could not handle the stress.

Numero Dos: What’s your flava?


Consider if the venue can accommodate your preferred style. If you are looking to have your ROM, cocktails and reception all in one venue, can the venue accommodate all three functions? Puteh at Subang comes with a beautiful garden area perfect for a ROM ceremony and a marquee big enough to be separated into a cocktail area and a reception venue.

What style are you opting for? Something rustic and raw? If that is the case, there will be lots to think about. Are you going to drape the venue or leave it transparent? Lucky for you, Puteh at Subang is already draped and if you prefer to keep it open, you can do that too!

Number Tres: Decorate-o-rama


Here’s where you can go crazy with decoration options. Opt to leave the space raw or add some colour that has plenty of pizzazz. Either way, the choice is yours.

Numero Cuatro: Food, food, food


Most stand-alone marquee venues do not come with a full-fledged kitchen thereby you will need to check with your preferred caterers. Check with your venue, see if they have a preferred list of caterers you are required to work with.

Puteh at Subang has various wedding packages ready for you too and they have a kitchen which is suitable for onsite cooking. Take any of their packages and they will throw in the tables and chairs too!

Numero Cinco: Tables and chairs

Most stand-alone venues do not include tables and chairs with the rental price. Therefore you will need to think about getting your own. There are so many options these days. From Chiavari chairs to normal banquet chairs, the list is almost endless (kidding!). But you get the point.

Now, let’s talk tables. Do you prefer round-table setting or Viking style seating arrangements? Since Puteh at Subang is a blank canvas – you can truly personalise the space to make it your own.

Numero Seis: Light it up



Lighting is key! It sets the ambience whether its fairy lights, hanging lanterns, or chandeliers, lighting will create a magical atmosphere with great effects. With so much space to play around with, decide on how ‘lit‘ you want the garden to look too!


About Puteh at Subang

All in all, if you are considering a marquee wedding venue, Puteh at Subang is a great venue for your wedding! It is situated amidst greenery with glorious views. Weddings at Puteh at Subang are incredibly magical, special, unique, and personal to you.

It can accommodate 600 pax seated in the marquee and up to 1000 pax if guests are seated in the marquee and garden area.

Want to request for a FREE quotation? Puteh at Subang is one of our partners and we’d be happy to take that off your hands at NO EXTRA or HIDDEN cost to you. Let us do the dirty work for you – request for a FREE quotation and date availability or take a virtual tour of Puteh here.

That should have you covered. And as I always stress, before confirming a venue, please ensure you have made a visit and seen the venue for yourself. Better yet, speak to us and let us take care of everything needed as there are many variables that may be overlooked while planning your wedding. As a bride (or groom) to be, all you need to do is give me the green (or red) light and we’re ready to go! Gracias, señorita y señor! Time for some siesta.

Also, give yourself a hand as now you know your one to six in Spanish! De nada.

This article was first published on Venuescape. It is republished on Discover KL with permission.

Feature Image Credit: Venuescape

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