11 Songs We Hope Bruno Mars Will Sing When He Performs In Malaysia In May 2018

If you haven’t already heard, Bruno Mars will be performing live in Malaysia in May 2018. While we’re not sure of the exact song list as of yet, we’re definitely hoping that he’ll be singing some of his bigger hits like Just The Way You Are and That’s What I Like. In fact, these are the 11 songs that we hope will be on his song list.

1. Count On Me

Count On Me is one of Bruno’s earlier hits and the feel good tune is reminiscent of Jason Mraz’s earlier works. It’s just one of those songs we hope the musician will play unplugged on the ukulele.

2. Talking To The Moon

“I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away. I want you back.” That’s how Talking To The Moon starts off, making it one of the more underrated breakup songs of all time and a song we hope he performs acoustic.

3. Grenade

“It’s a heartbreaking, heartbreak song, and I think everyone can relate to that,” Bruno said of his song, Grenade, in an interview once. If you’ve ever heard Bruno perform this live before, you’d hear the heartbreak in his voice as he sings the words. It’s a whole other side of him that we’re hoping to be able to see in person too.

4. Just The Way You Are

This is perhaps the default song to play for your GF when she’s feeling down. It’s a sweet reminder from Bruno that we’re beautiful ‘just the way we are’. Now imagine Bruno singing this in person to you.

5. The Lazy Song

Bet you’ve felt lazy more than once before and this would’ve been your ultimate jam. Because of how #relatable it is, it’s been played more than 1000 million times on YouTube. We’re thinking it’s one of those songs that’s replayed over and over again on weekends. A plus would be to watch Bruno performing this live with his backup dancers all dressed in monkey suits.

6. Marry You

This is one of the top contenders for songs to be played at one’s proposal and we bet many Malaysians have used it before to propose to the girl of their dreams. It’d be the ultimate cherry on the cake if these very Malaysians are at Bruno’s concert next May!

7. Locked Out Of Heaven

This song marked a significant difference in Bruno’s style of songwriting. Where he was once known for his love song ballads, he was slowly transitioning into the 24k Magic style of writing that we’re used to today, with Locked Out Of Heaven.

8. 24K Magic

Where our airwaves are currently filled with plenty of songs with EDM vibes, it’s refreshing to have 24K Magic on. Its melody is reminiscent of music in the ’90s, especially the chorus. It’s also a super chill song you’ll wanna have on while you’re rolling around with the windows down.

9. That’s What I Like

Do yourself a favour and watch the official video of That’s What I Like and treat yourself to 3 and a half minutes of Bruno dancing. If you’re a fan of Bruno’s newer work, hearing them live would be a treat, and this includes That’s What I Like.

10. Versace On The Floor

Versace On The Floor sounds like it could fit right into the soundtrack of the ’80s and it showcases Bruno’s range of vocals with a super cheesy, yet oh-so-good accompanying melody. This would be the perfect end to his concert and if he sings it, we’re guessing it would be during the encore session.

If you’ve finished your karaoke session of Bruno Mars’ songs, we bet you’re yearning to watch him live when he comes down to KL next year. Bruno’s upcoming concert is slated for May 9th, 2018 and tickets will officially go on sale on August 14th, 2017 at 10am on both My Ticket Asia and PR Worldwide Live. Remember to keep it glued to both sites and refresh until that little window of opportunity opens to purchase them!

Feature Image Credit: brunomars.com

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