Chatime Announces Their M’sian Rebranding—They’re Now Known As “Tea Is Our Life”

Recently, Bryan Loo, the chief executive officer of Loob Holding released a video under the page “Tea Is Our Life” and the video is entitled “The Power Of Tea”.

In the video, Bryan Loo mentioned how the past few weeks has been crazy. After all, the announcement of the closing down of all 165 Chatime outlets in Malaysia was a shock to Malaysians. Nonetheless, Bryan shared how the team will be working tirelessly together to release a new brand called “Tea Is Our Life”.

“We’re going to brew something new, something exciting. We’re going to work day and night, weekends and holidays so we can come back with a bang,” said Bryan in the video.

We can look forward to the launch of this beverage brand in the near future. Meanwhile, we have till March 6th to enjoy the beverage brand, Chatime as we await for the new brand, Tea Is Our Life to come our way.

Website: Tea Is Our Life

Feature Image Credit: Tea Is Our Life

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